Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tyler Speaks On How He Knew

Wedding Anniversary Date: September 2, 2007

How he knew his wife was the one for him:

I could go through a sequence of events that led up to me and my wife’s meeting but she covered that (see below this story); so let me get right to the moment that I knew I wanted her to be my wife.

We had spent a little over half a year getting to know one another with no talk of ever hooking up. Conversation is where it all began. Sure I saw pictures, heard her music, spent weird hours chatting online, a few phone conversations… right? I still had never met her face-to-face.

Finally, we met at a music conference in Orlando. The first meeting there was a ton of butterflies, but it was truly like seeing someone I’d known for a long time-I just had forgotten how beautiful she was. Fast forwarding through the days we spent together side-by-side, it hit me the early morning of taking her back to the airport. I literally felt nauseous that she was leaving back to Tennessee. In another day, I would be back in Michigan and the reality of I might be too scared to leave my home with my daughter and move 500 miles to a place I have nothing, started sounding like a sad love song in the was coming to an end and felt sick that she was leaving.

The ride to the airport, I bribed a friend to taxi us while we spent our last few moments together. We were both making promises to call, email and maybe even a couple of trips back and forth, but to me it wasn’t going to be enough. I decided during that ride to the airport that I was going to change my life and chase a dream with the woman I fell in love with. I went back to Michigan and 4-5 months later I took my daughter and myself to Nashville.

What he loves about her mind: I love many things about my wife and learning more everyday, so I’ll tell you three of her qualities and save the rest for myself. My wife’s mind is devoted to her familia. I not only love her, but I respect her for that.

What he loves about her body: My wife’s body…I love it all (come on, that’s a set up if I ever read one. LOL!).

What he loves about her spirit: A great quality she has is her unwavering faith in all things good which is a perfect balance for someone like me who for many years had very little.

Tyler's advice to single men about marriage:

“Stop looking for love… Instead practice what you would do if found it. When you want to become a better person because of someone, that’s when you know you should fall!

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  1. I know this post is a bit old... but I have a question... how did you know it was best for your walk with the Lord to move to Tennessee? How did you find that your move would be best for God's kingdom opposed to moving strictly for a woman?

    I'm in a VERY similar situation and am curious. Thanks!